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Big Unit, Big Expectations

Bigunit_2 After Randy Johnson’s 5.00 ERA performance with the ‘06 Yanks I was sure his pitching days were over. After all, he was getting a little long in the tooth and his heater had lost some steam.

He was beginning to look like a mere mortal.

In his last three seasons dating back to the ‘04 Diamondbacks, Johnson had seen a decline in productivity in innings pitched, hits, WHIP, and ERA. Certainly his age was a factor. His back, now seemingly repaired with surgery, obviously contributed. Then there was always the intangible "Bronx Zoo Effect."

Now he’s back in cactus country to a hero’s welcome from gushing fans and press – the place where he won 4 of his 5 Cy Youngs – and nothing stands between him and his next major league start but one more self-imposed rehab appearance on the farm. Count me among those who look forward to that day.

If any one can do it, he can.

So see ya around.