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The People vs. Barry Bonds

Dear Dugout Confessor, 

Who IS Barry Bonds? I mean, here is a player poised to break one of the most hallowed records in baseball and there seems to be a lot of controversy over whether or not this is a legitimate attempt due to his alleged steroid use.

Is this a man worthy to break Aaron’s home run record?

BK, Yakima, WA


Dear BK,

Much is written and discussed in the media about the character of Barry Bonds, especially this year when {{{The Record}}} seems likely to fall. Why, even the folks over on the Bowling Network are finding time to muddy the waters. This circus is only beginning, however, and by the time Bonds reaches 750 all **** is going to break loose.

And none of it matters.

The future, you see, belongs to a Dominican-American kid who goes by the handle of A-Rod. Whatever fame (or notoriety) Bonds brings upon himself by breaking Aaron’s record, it won’t last long.

Alex Rodriguez is the most complete baseball player in the history of the game. Barring a career ending injury or some other catastrophe, he will break Bond’s (soon to be) home run record – and a host of other records – along the way. The baseball gods have surely smiled upon this one.

You are indeed witnessing history my friend. It’s the kid in pinstripes.

So see ya around.



He Ain’t Human

As I sit here in my baseball shrine watching Zito and the Giants pound the Rockies in the 3rd I feel some sense of camaraderie with the fans at Coors each time Bonds comes to the plate. I mean, this isn’t Philly or Shea but the fans are working him pretty hard. Good.

Woe to any pitcher in any park that faces this creature.  Whether he’s gobbling HGH, A-As, or the pituitary glands of Rhesus monkeys, he ain’t human.

So see ya around.